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ClearJel Starch

The very best in cooking starches for home canned pie fillings and other bakery products. Unlike other starches, it retains a smooth consistency during heat processing. It is also great for sauces and gravies or any food in which a smooth, short stable texture is desired.

SKU# GK6001

500 gram/17.6 ounce package (approx. 3¾ cups) Size: 500 g
Product Code: GK6001
Additional Information
Product of Canada

Note: This item has been repackaged from a larger size
Modified corn starch
Certification: Kosher (not repackaged under kashrut supervision)

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    By Marianne
    Posted 2014-07-06
    Have used for several years. Excellent canning product for canned Harvard style beets, canned pie fillings such as sour cherry or peach etc. Clear - takes on the colour of the item canned. Has no starchy or gritty flavor. Behaves as cornstarch, but stands up to long water bath processing, which cornstarch does not.