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Paper Baking Moulds - Dove

Perfect for gift giving and holiday celebrations, this paper baking mould is designed to be part of the packaging, eliminating the need to remove cakes from their pans before giving or selling. The mould is of a rigid freestanding construction, so you simply fill with batter, bake, cool, and wrap; the base and wall are micro-perforated to eliminate excess humidity. This traditional style Colomba di Pasqua mould is in the shape of a dove, a symbol of peace. Includes fitted bags for wrapping the finished panettone for freshness or gift-giving.

SKU# QL9500

Set of 20: 10 moulds and 10 bags Colour/Pattern: Dark brown with a gold floret print overlay Capacity: 17 ounces/1 pound
Product Code: QL9500
Additional Information
Dimensions: 9-7/8"L × 7-1/8"W × 2"D
Materials: Pure cellulose calendered paper, micro-flute corrugated, with micro-perforation
Product of Italy

Certification: Kosher (not repackaged under kashrut supervision)

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