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Pastry Mould - Hemisphere - 2¾"

This non-adherent silicone mould is perfect for creating shaped cakes, pastries, frozen desserts, jellies and gelatines, chocolates, and much more. The flexible material allows for easy unmoulding of even the most delicate of foods. The non-stick surface means you don't need to grease the mould or use paper liners.

SKU# FT2940

6 cavities, each 2¾"Dia × 1-3/8"D Size: 2¾" Capacity: 6 cavities, each 2.7 ounces/80 millilitres
Product Code: FT2940
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Additional Information
Oven safe to 550°F⁄285C.

Dimensions: 12"L × 7"W
Materials: Premium FDA-approved food-grade silicone
Care: Hand washing recommended
Product of China


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