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Pizza Stone - Round - 13" - Deluxe

Thicker than other pizza stones available and made from a blend of lead-free clays, this pizza baking stone has a porosity and heat retention that is perfect for producing a delicate, crispy, restaurant-quality crust to pizza, focaccia, or bread. Specially-engineered heat core centres have been incorporated into the stone to concentrate heat at the centre, delivering a perfectly crispy crust evenly throughout the pizza; this solves the occasional problem of a large pizza having an underbaked centre while the outer edge is crispy and crunchy. May also be used as a server or warmer. Instructions and recipes included.

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Size: 13"
Product Code: KS4413
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Additional Information
Oven and grill safe to 2000°F.

Dimensions: 13¼"Dia × 9/16"Thick
Product of United States

Instructions: To avoid breakage, place the pizza stone into a cold (not preheated) oven and preheat the pizza stone and oven at the same time. May also be used in the microwave (preheat the stone for 5 minutes in the toaster oven or oven first). Can be used with care on a charcoal or gas-fired grill: heat the stone on the grill grate for 30 minutes with the grill cover closed; when the stone is very hot (500 - 600°F), slide pizza onto the stone and cover; watch closely as the pizza will bake in only a few minutes.

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