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Projector - KR100

by Kopykake - Kopyrite
This cake decorating projector projects a design, logo, or photograph onto the top of a cake so that it can be easily outlined, copied, or coloured. Simply secure an image (up to 6"L × 6"W) in the projector unit, then size it and focus the projection; images can be enlarged up to 400% of their original size or reduced to 70%. The unique head design allows for a book or magazine to be placed over the open door of the projector unit. The projector delivers a clear image in normal lighting conditions, but for best performance use the projector in a dimly-lit room. A cooling pin protects the original image. Includes a base board to support the projector.

SKU# KK2100

Product Code: KK2100
Additional Information
Also available by special order with a clamp (instead of a base board) to allow the projector to be attached to the edge of a countertop.

Dimensions: base: 20"L × 14"W
Product of United States


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