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#1 Cake Pan   
#1 Cake Pan Special Occasions Children's Birthdays
by Wilton
Add the #1 cake to all the important first celebrations. Great for kids' birthdays, a first anniversary, contest winners, first place teams -- or just to let someone know they're #1 with you!
Capacity: One cake mix

100 Best Decorated Cookies   
100 Best Decorated Cookies Cookbooks & Recipes Decorating & Confectionery
by Julie Anne Hession
Hand-crafted cookies from your kitchen are the perfect gift and great for any occasion! Both the occassional holiday home baker and the seasoned pro will delight in Julie Anne Hession's designs and ideas. This fun and creative book features tempting cookie decorating ideas for a wide array of occasions and holidays.
There are 750 colour step-by-step photos that will make even the most nervous baker/decorator feel comfortable, and they'll also provide a great source of inspiration when planning for an event.
All the information about getting started is featured -- from techniques, equipment, and ingredients to easy-to-follow instructions on filling and using a pastry bag, rolling/shaping cookies, or advice on cookie sheets, and rolling pins. And the comprehensive decorator cookie dough section even features gluten-free and vegan options.
256 pages, concealed wirebound hardcover

100 Fondant Animal Cake Toppers   
100 Fondant Animal Cake Toppers Cookbooks & Recipes Decorating & Confectionery
by Helen Penman
Fondant-decorated cakes are an important part of today's celebrations and now more than ever, bakers are choosing to make specialty cakes at home. 100 Fondant Animal Cake Toppers is a practical guide to making charming fondant toppers for any occasion. Straight-forward instructions and hundreds of step-by-step photographs make it easy for both expert and beginner bakers. The introduction explains all of the essential techniques and describes the materials used, along with recipes for all of the cakes, fillings, frostings, and fondants used in the book. The 50 projects are presented with these features for easy reference: boxes show materials used, tools needed and colors used; concise text explains step-by-step how to make the topper by shaping and assembling the parts. Each animal is presented in an "exploded" view showing the individual components and how they fit together. Helpful features include tips for extra decoration, close-up photographs to show detail work, and a photograph of the final creation. 100 Fondant Animal Cake Toppers features whimsical decorations for every kind of celebration, including a panda bear munching on bamboo, cuddly teddy bears, a mouse with a piece of cheese, a fluffy lamb, a freckled turtle, and colorful clownfish. This book is an essential, easy-to-use guide to creating delightful decorations that will never fail to impress.
256 pages, spiral-bound softcover

150 Best Desserts in a Jar   
150 Best Desserts in a Jar Cookbooks & Recipes Baking & Desserts
by Andrea Jourdan
Desserts served in a jar is an incredibly popular restaurant trend that is now a treat for home. Whether it's a bevelled antique jar picked up at a flea market, or that classic mason jar saved at the back of a kitchen cupboard, all kinds of containers can become sparkling, creative, and beautiful ways to prepare and serve divine desserts. These sublime recipes are single-serving treats, which make them the perfect ending to a family meal or dinner party. They also make a great gift, staying fresh and travelling well -- perfect for making ahead of time. In 150 Best Desserts in a Jar, author Andrea Jourdan delivers a wide array of recipes that are loads of fun to make -- everything from puddings and trifles to cobblers, pies, and cakes. And because the jars allow for things like freezing or setting jellies in layers, the colours and textures are special. The book features a cold recipes section that includes favourite ingredients like fruit, chocolate, gelatin, and creams - resulting in such magical results such as: cantaloupe and raspberry splash, chocolate pudding with mint sorbet, brownie frozen delight, coconut cream dream, lemon trifle, and cherry berry smoothie; a chapter on 'warm and comforting' desserts includes custards, cakes, and bread puddings such as: strawberry and rhubarb shortcake, peach and nutmeg cobbler, and marble chocolate cake with coffee cream sauce; another chapter features innovative and inspired recipes as as: banana and bacon with strawberry swirl, hot mango and cilantro in jelly, cardamom frozen fruit salad, fig and goat cheese cake, and marshmallow dream. Serving (and sometimes preparing) the desserts is a great opportunity to get creative -- from funky to traditional. There is also information on choosing the right type of jar along with helpful baking tips and techniques, and the two dozen colour photographs provide inspiration for a unique dessert for any event.
224 pages, softcover

150 Best Donut Recipes   
150 Best Donut Recipes Cookbooks & Recipes Baking & Desserts
by George Geary
Topped with a chocolate glaze or simply rolled in cinnamon, fresh homemade doughnuts are impossible to resist. 150 Best Donut Recipes is a delicious collection of doughnut recipes and features a wide variety of choices including raised doughnuts (featuring yeast), cake-based doughnuts, baked doughnuts (because doughnuts don't need to be fried to be fantastic), holiday doughnuts, one-bite doughnuts and dozens of recipes for toppings, icing, glazes, sugars, and fresh fillings. From the classic maple blaze to blood orange filling. Whatever your mood or the occasion --there's a perfect doughnut recipe.
224 pages, softcover

150 Best Ebleskiver Recipes   
150 Best Ebleskiver Recipes Cookbooks & Recipes Baking & Desserts
by Camilla Saulsbury
Aebleskivers are small Danish puffed pancakes made in a special multi-well pan. Sweet and savoury variations of this petite puff are appearing on restaurant menus and at farmer's markets across North America. The widespread availability of the pans has encouraged home cooks to join in the fun of this tasty treat. Aebleskivers, with their ideal shape and size, appeal to home cooks of all kinds for all occasions. 150 Best Ebleskiver Recipes goes well beyond a collection of recipes, as it is an appliance/equipment handbook, too. The recipes range from simple to sophisticated, yet all are convenient and delicious treats, which range from classic aebleskivers, to newer breakfast options, to make-ahead appetizers, to snacks for the family. Even decadent desserts can be made in minutes all without turning on the oven. Just a small sample of these sumptuous recipes include: cranberry orange aebleskivers, buttery Beignet puffs, maple-pecan aebleskivers, smoked salmon and dill puffs, roasted pepper feta puffs, crab cake puffs, chocolate ganache aebleskivers, praline puffs, browned butter aebleskivers, buckwheat blini puffs, lamington puffs, spanakopita puffs, and linzer puffs. The 150 recipes deliver inspired flavour combinations in addition to vegan and gluten-free variations of the classic and simplified batters, both of which can be substituted for recipes throughout the collection. And the step-by-step photos of the aebleskiver techniques ensure a perfect result every time.
256 pages, softcover

150 Best Grilled Cheese Sandwiches   
150 Best Grilled Cheese Sandwiches Cookbooks & Recipes General
by Alison Lewis
150 Best Grilled Cheese Sandwiches features creative, inventive recipes for North America's top comfort food -- more than 2 billion grilled cheese sandwiches are eaten each year! The classic grilled cheese sandwich is now one of the biggest trends in cooking and enjoying an incredible resurgence in popularity. Top bloggers, NPR, and ABC are reporting that grilled cheese sandwiches are one of the top food trends to watch out for -- many have even said "grilled cheese is the new burger." These recipes are fabulous: they begin with the comfort food feel of the grilled cheese which we all love and then make them incredibly versatile -- they're uptown, downtown, simple, gourmet, seasonal. And the recipes aren't limited to just lunch or dinner. There are recipes for snacks, appetizers, and even desserts. Perfect for the home cook who wants tasty, healthy, economical meals featuring fresh ingredients. There's a sandwich for every occasion and most are really family-friendly.
224 pages, softcover

175 Best Jams, Jellies, Marm.   
175 Best Jams, Jellies, Marm. Cookbooks & Recipes Canning
by Linda J. Amendt
Home canning is fun and exciting for the whole family, and enjoying homemade treasures is an unbeatable pleasure. In 175 Best Jams, Jellies, Marmalades & Other Soft Spreads, Linda J. Amendt shares her recipes and techniques for preserves that are easy to make and enjoyable any time of year. Instructions are easy to understand and complete. Along with reliable recipes is a preplanning guide, essential for a successful home-canning project. Canners and their lucky family members and friends will experience the tasty pleasures of such preserves as: caramel apple jam, seedless blackberry jam, cherry raspberry jam, strawberry peach jam, sweet onion jam, apple cider jelly, boysenberry jelly, nectarine jelly, basil jelly, citrus trio marmalade, red onion marmalade, bing cherry marmalade, Tequila lime marmalade, blackberry preserves, apple raisin conserve, pineapple apricot conserve, apple butter, plum apricot butter, lemon curd, and sunrise curd. From expert techniques to safety concerns and choosing the right equipment, the author shares what every home canner needs.
304 pages, softcover

175 Best Mini-Pie Recipes   
175 Best Mini-Pie Recipes Cookbooks & Recipes Baking & Desserts
by Julie Hession
Mini pies are the new cupcakes and cake pops. Mini pies are one of the most popular trends in baking, leading the way in the mini-dessert craze. Everyone loves these adorable, fun-sized desserts and savoury morsels that are perfect whether on the go, hosting an elegant party, or just snooping for after-school snack ideas. They are the perfect example of good things that come in small packages. In 175 Best Mini-Pie Recipes, author Julie Anne Hession shares tips and techniques from her wide experience in creating perfect mini pies, and provides recipes for a wide array of crusts including gluten-free and vegan options. The novice or experienced baker alike will be enchanted with Hession's recipes. Flavour combinations range from the sweet and sumptuous to the hearty and savoury. Recipes include classics such as lemon meringue tartlets, New England lobster pies and of course, apple pies; sweet, fruit-filled pies such as very berry goat cheese pies, strawberry basil hand pies, and port glazed Concord grape pies; custard and caramel pies such as maple nut caramel, bananas foster or mini brown butter, and golden raisin tartlets; holiday pies such as festive spiced cranberry pies, and pear and gingerbread tartlets; savoury offerings like zesty pork empanadas, and caramelized cauliflower pies with pancetta and sage; and even vegetarian pies like baked Brie and tomato jam turnovers, and Moroccan chickpea pies. Simply delicious recipes, luscious photos along with step-by-step photos for perfecting the perfect pie crust, and easy-to-follow instructions make this the definitive mini-pie cookbook.
332 pages, softcover

200 Best Ice Pop Recipes   
200 Best Ice Pop Recipes Cookbooks & Recipes Baking & Desserts
by Andrew Chase
Everyone is rediscovering the frozen and fun appeal of ice pops because they are truly one of the easiest yet most satisfying treats you can make at home. Even better, these recipes eliminate the artificial flavorings and colourings found in commercial varieties and are actually full of healthy, wholesome ingredients -- making them the perfect frozen delight for all. In 200 Best Ice Pop Recipes, author Andrew Chase delivers tantalizing recipes that provide endless inspiration for everything from cooling off on the hottest of summer days to providing the perfect ending to a barbecue or an afternoon snack for the kids. There are classic and cool treats, as well as, dozens of recipes for innovative and enticing flavour pairings that take their inspiration from around the world -- Mexico, Asia, the Caribbean, and more. These mouth-watering iced treats will appeal to adults and kids alike. The author provides everything needed about making ice pops at home, from choosing ingredients to freezing, and fool-proof unmoulding tips. Now it is easy to bypass commercially produced pops and substitute sumptuous, homemade, dark chocolate fudge, green tea with mint and lime, or Campari orange pops, and many other easy recipes. Luscious photographs provide added inspiration.
256 pages, softcover

200 Best Panini Recipes   
200 Best Panini Recipes Cookbooks & Recipes General
by Tiffany Collins
A panini is an Italian-inspired pressed sandwich enjoyed throughout Italy and, increasingly, in North American cafés, restaurants, and kitchens. Italians regard panini as fast food thanks to its easy preparation. This cookbook provides great recipes that replicate the bistro experience and maximize the use of a home panini maker.
256 pages, softcover

200 Fast & Easy Artisan Breads   
200 Fast & Easy Artisan Breads Cookbooks & Recipes Baking & Desserts
by Judith Fertig
This cookbook delivers incredibly simple and easy recipes for delicious artisan breads. Baking fresh bread at home brings fragrant aromas and fresh tastes, but it also delivers a quintessential home-baking experience. The recipes provide shortcuts for all the mixing, kneading, and baking that takes too much time for busy home cooks. The secrets which are reveales guide the home cook in preparing artisan bread in only five minutes. The recipes are organized by difficulty to guide a baker in progressive steps. From baking a simple French loaf to pretzels, clear instructions with step-by-step illustrations assure success. Some of the easy-to-make and great-tasting breads include: easy artisan foccaccia with rosemary, Greek-style pizza, whole wheat pita bread, braided challah, butternut brioche, Minnesota wild rice sticks, marbled bagels, and apple custard kuchen. A special chapter is devoted to toppings and fillings, such as artisan butter, honeyed applesauce, and roasted garlic and onion jam. With just one bowl and very little time, 200 Fast and Easy Artisan Breads guides any home baker to glorious fresh breads.
344 pages, softcover

200 Tips for Cake Decorating   
200 Tips for Cake Decorating Cookbooks & Recipes Decorating & Confectionery
by Carol Deacon
200 Tips for Cake Decorating is an indispensible compendium of essential knowledge and troubleshooting tips. This book is crammed with information on the art and craft of using fondant. Today, a tastefully decorated cake is expected for birthday parties, weddings, and any important celebration. A simple iced cake without a handmade fondant caracter or flower is downright dull, no matter how good it make taste. 200 Tips for Cake Decorating shows why fondant is so popular. Its smooth surface, vivid colours, and mouldable texture allow bakers to roll it, cut it, model it, and colour it. With basic skills and minimal equipment, bakers can create entertaining toppers for cakes and cupcakes. The book includes: fondant basics, instructions on covering cakes and boards, decorative techniques, and instructions on modelling characters, animals, flowers, and more.
160 pages, plastic-laminated hardcover

225 Best Pressure Cooker Recipes   
225 Best Pressure Cooker Recipes Cookbooks & Recipes General
by Cinda Chavich
Imagine being able to prepare a wonderful beef stew in only 15 minutes, or a rich, creamy cheesecake in only 20 minutes. That's a complete meal in just a little more than half an hour! And it's what you'll be able to enjoy with your pressure cooker and 225 Best Pressure Cooker Recipes. While the benefits of pressure cooking have been known for generations, advances in pressure cooker design have made these small appliances safer and more convenient than ever before. Today, North Americans are discovering that pressure cooked meals are not only faster (about 75% faster, on average) but also healthier since the food retains more of its nutrient value while requiring less fat for cooking. While the resurgence of pressure cooking is comparatively new to North American households, in other countries (from France to India) it has always been the preferred method for preparing moist and flavourful stews, vegetables, risottos, and soups. In fact, many homes in Europe and Asia will use two cookers simultaneously to prepare a meal.
With 225 Best Pressure Cooker Recipes you get recipes specifically designed to take advantage of what pressure cookers do best. And as you'll discover, pressure cookers are amazingly versatile. Sample from starters such as braised artichokes with red pepper aïoli or winter mushroom and barley soup. Delicious main course offerings include stew with new Potatoes and baby carrots and beef shortribs in barbecue sauce, along with side dishes like maple pork and beans with apples and roasted garlic risotto with asiago. And pressure cooker desserts? Absolutely! Just try the orange espresso cheesecake or cool lemon custards with fresh berry compote.
In addition to helpful tips and kitchen wisdom that accompany the recipes, this book provides a comprehensive introduction to all aspects of pressure cooking, including guidelines for adapting your own recipes, compensating for the effects of altitude on pressure cooking, as well as a comparison of the various styles and models of cookers on the market. Whether you're new to pressure cooking or an experienced cook looking for great pressure cooker recipes, this book is a must-have for your kitchen.
368 pages, softcover

250 Home Preserving Favorites   
250 Home Preserving Favorites Cookbooks & Recipes Canning
by Yvonne Tremblay
Homemade preserves outshine store-bought every time. By following the mouth-watering recipes in 250 Home Preserving Favorites: From Jams & Jellies to Marmalades & Chutneys, the home cook can enjoy the delicious rewards of soft spreads for months and months. Experienced canners and novices making their first batch of jam alike will be successful, creating incredible jams, jellies, marmalades, conserves, fruit butters, and chutneys. These 250 recipes have a slightly more gourmet approach, embracing unique combinations and less traditional ingredients, and handy step-by-step instructions enable any preserver to follow them with ease and confidence. The essence of summer can be enjoyed year-round with delectable spreads such as: lemon blueberry marmalade, orange and Earl Grey tea marmalade, strawberry cantaloupe jam, spiced mango jam, watermelon raspberry jam, fresh fig jam, Tequila sunrise jelly, and plum orange jelly. The author also provides extensive and easy-to-understand information on the use of canning equipment, and there is a guide to solving common soft spread problems. With these new and innovative recipes, there's never been a better time to embrace the time-honoured tradition of canning.
304 pages, softcover

300 Best Canadian Bread Machine Baking Recipes   
300 Best Canadian Bread Machine Baking Recipes Cookbooks & Recipes Baking & Desserts
by Donna Washburn & Heather Butt
For anyone who enjoys the flavour and aroma of freshly baked bread, nothing beats the convenience of a bread machine. So it's not surprising that you'll find this exceptionally useful appliance in kitchens throughout Canada today. But a bread machine is, after all, just a machine. If you want the best results, you need the best recipes -- recipes that not only taste great, but are specifically designed to meet the exacting requirements of the technology. And that's just what you get with 300 Best Canadian Bread Machine Baking Recipes. Here you'll find a collection of great recipes, each thoroughly tested to ensure successful bread machine baking every time. And what a collection it is! Try traditional sourdough bread, spicy jalapeno cheese bread, flavourful (but low-fat) potato chive bread or, for something sweet, chocolate banana loaf. Also included are recipes that let you take advantage of a bread machine's ability to prepare dough for a wide variety of other treats, including middle Eastern flatbread, Montreal-style cheese bagels, focaccia with parmesan walnut topping, and giant pecan sticky buns. Many of the recipes can be made in either 1½- or 2-pound machines, and there are recipes for other foods that can be made in a bread machine, such as pasta, cakes, and cookies.
480 pages, softcover

300 Best Potato Recipes   
300 Best Potato Recipes Cookbooks & Recipes General
by Kathleen Sloan-McIntosh
The humble potato is a culinary powerhouse and inspires adventurous and tantalizing fare. A "desert island" vegetable if ever there was one, the potato appeals to all of us, whether in the form of traditional comfort dishes or in the guise of the new and exotic. Versatile, nutritious, inexpensive, and unfailingly delicious, no other vegetable, and few foods in general, can make those claims. These are just some of the delicious possibilities that the humble potato offers in this wide and varied assortment of recipes: classic mash de luxe, garlic roasties with rosemary, real English chips, gnocchi-roni and cheese, saffron potato cakes, all-American potato pancakes, sweet potato-crusted shrimp, East Coast chowder, creole potato salad, French potato galette, fennel, potato and white bean stew, potato lasagna, oyster pie with top mash, sweet potato gnocchi, Mennonite country potato doughnuts, and potato fudge. Appetizers and snacks, soups and salads, side dishes, main courses, hearty vegetarian main dishes, baked goods and desserts make up this vast and colourful collection of recipes. The author also includes a complete history and origins of potatoes as well as a comprehensive chapter that covers hundreds of potato varieties.
368 pages, softcover

300 Best Rice Cooker Recipes   
300 Best Rice Cooker Recipes Cookbooks & Recipes General
by Katie Chin
When is a rice cooker not only a rice cooker? When it becomes one of the most versatile and useful tools in any contemporary cook's kitchen. Yes, you can make perfect rice in a rice cooker, but did you know that whole grains and beans are also perfectly suited to this appliance? 300 Best Rice Cooker Recipes delivers wonderful recipes created specifically to be used in a rice cooker -- the recipes are inspired by flavours from around the corner and around the world. Virtually every type of meal can be prepared in a rice cooker, from appetizers, soups and salads to main dishes, one pot meals and side dishes. Home cooks in the mood for a hearty stew, paella, a heavenly risotto or some authentic homemade dim sum need look no further than their rice cooker and these recipes for perfect results every time. The delicious and time-saving recipes, perfect for the busy working family and experienced gourmet cooks alike, include: arroz con pollo, Italian sausage and portobello mushroom risotto, grits jambalaya, roasted corn and quinoa salad, chocolate banana oatmeal, pancetta and pea risotto, Caribbean pilaf with red quinoa, barley cioppino, white chipotle turkey chili, lemony risotto with shrimp, and black-eyed pea, turkey and Swiss chard stew. The author also includes valuable information on rice cooker features, the background, USDA charts and descriptions of rice, beans, and grains as well as cooking time charts for perfecting rice, beans, and grains in a rice cooker. Packed with great meal ideas, easy-to-master techniques, and wonderful serving suggestions, chef Katie Chin has created a book every home cook will use over and over again.
400 pages, softcover

300 Best Stir-Fry Recipes   
300 Best Stir-Fry Recipes Cookbooks & Recipes General
by Nancie McDermott
Stir-fries are an ideal way to prepare delicious, nutritious and internationally inspired meals quickly and easily. Novices and experienced cooks can create fantastic meals with just one wok, skillet or frying pan. In 300 Best Stir-Fry Recipes, Nancie McDermott creates outstanding stir fries based on her extensive food and travel experiences. Here's just a sampling of recipes: chicken with honey-ginger sauce; spicy beef in lettuce cups, Szechuan-style; pork with fresh ginger and mushrooms; ham with eggs, onions and peas; shrimp with pineapple and peas; catfish with turmeric and fresh dill; shiitake mushrooms with Napa cabbage and peas; sugar snap peas with garlic; everyday fried rice, Thai-style; egg noodles with barbecued pork and bokchoy; lemongrass beef, Vietnamese-style; and sweet Chinese sausage with eggs, onions and peas.
In addition to thorough information on stir-frying traditions and techniques, there are recommendations for the best equipment. A comprehensive easy-to-follow pantry list and glossary enhance this quintessential stir-fry cookbook.
320 pages, softcover

300 Sensational Soups   
300 Sensational Soups Cookbooks & Recipes General
by Meredith Deeds & Carla Snyder
A good soup nourishes the heart as well the stomach, spreading a feeling of satisfaction and contentment. Hot soup is warming on a winter day, while cold soup is just as welcome in the heat of summer. From comforting creamy chicken and rice soup to refreshing gazpacho, 300 Sensational Soups offers something for every season, mood, and occasion. There are 50 international soups, including Vietnamese pho, Italian wedding soup, and Middle Eastern harira. Soups from the sea include such favorites as snapper in Asian broth with habañero and shrimp, and shrimp and pea soup with lemongrass. Each recipe also includes tips and techniques along with garnishing ideas. As well, there are many creative variations and serving suggestions. There is also the Just (Soup) Desserts chapter, which features 20 dessert soups, including coconut soup with mango fritters, chocolate soup with brownie croutons, and chilled cherry soup with crème anglaise swirl. With 300 recipes to choose from, ranging from everyday fare to elegant dishes for entertaining, 300 Sensational Soups offers home chefs a perfect bowl of soup every time.
384 pages, softcover

500 Appetizers   
500 Appetizers Cookbooks & Recipes Entertaining
by Susannah Blake
500 Appetizers is crammed with 500 mouthwatering recipes, accompanied by full-colour photography and clear and easy-to-use directions. Filled with tips on how to select the right ingredients and then how to make and present the dishes for absolutely perfect results; this truly is the only appetizer compendium you'll ever need. An introductory section covers all preparation and cooking essentials: techniques, equipment, ingredients, conversions and troubleshooting. Appetizers for every occasion - from elegant canapés to pair with cocktails and wine, to fun pizza bits for kids' parties; sophisticated starters to serve before dinner; and healthy, low-fat and low sugar snacks. This book is also packed with fresh ideas for serving and preparing crudités, crostinis, skewers, and sweets.
288 pages, hardcover

500 Asian Dishes   
500 Asian Dishes Cookbooks & Recipes International Cuisines
by Ghillie Basan
500 Asian Dishes presents a selection of dishes bursting with flavour from the primary countries of the region: China, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, and the Philippines. A full range of recipes offers something for every palate, including basic recipes for tempting sweet and sour dipping sauces, exotic spice and herbal pastes, and fiery relishes. This cookbook includes recipes that capture the authentic flavours of Asian food and reflect the diverse culinary influences of the region.
288 pages, hardcover

500 Barbecue Dishes   
500 Barbecue Dishes Cookbooks & Recipes Grilling & Smoking
by Paul Kirk
500 Barbecue Dishes is brought to you by Kansas City author and chef Paul Kirk - who is "the real deal" - a legend on the barbecue circuit and seven-time winner of the Barbecue World Championships. This book is the only barbecue compendium you'll ever need; it includes useful advice on basic cuts of meat, poultry, fish, veggies, a reference table for cooking times and more. The chapters of this handy book cover: appetizers, seafood, poultry, pork, lamb, beef, vegetables, salads and sides, and desserts.
288 pages, hardcover

500 Breakfast & Brunch Dishes   
500 Breakfast & Brunch Dishes Cookbooks & Recipes General
by Carol Beckerman
Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but some mornings it can be difficult to think beyond that bowl of cold cereal. If you are looking for some daybreak inspiration, 500 Breakfast & Brunch Dishes is exactly what you need. You'll find hearty breakfasts to power you through the day, decadent and leisurely brunch feasts, new twists on classic morning fare, and handheld delights for breakfast on the go.
288 pages, hardcover

500 Cake & Cupcake Decorations   
500 Cake & Cupcake Decorations Cookbooks & Recipes Decorating & Confectionery
by Amanda Rawlins and Caroline Deasy
Have you ever stood at a bakery window wondering how that cake was decorated? Wonder no more! 500 Cake & Cupcake Decorations will teach you all you need to know to begin creating your own works of art, from novelty animals to dainty flowers. Full-colour, clear and simple step-by-step instructions will guide even the beginner through the process of making special cakes that will bring a smile to every child and adult. From whimsical to gorgeous, decorated cakes add the extra touch to any celebration!
288 pages, hardcover

500 Cakes   
500 Cakes Cookbooks & Recipes Baking & Desserts
by Susannah Blake
500 Cakes contains 500 mouthwatering recipes for every party, celebration, simple gathering, and special occasion, from elaborate holiday cakes to fun children's birthday cakes, you'll find just what you need for every celebration. Create traditional celebration cakes with baking inspiration from around the world. An introductory section covers all the preparation and baking essentials, including equipment, ingredients, conversions, and troubleshooting advice. This book is the only cake compendium you'll ever need; it includes recipes for foolproof cakes, creamy cheesecakes, special occasion and themed cakes, and gluten-free and dairy-free cakes.
288 pages, hardcover

500 Casseroles   
500 Casseroles Cookbooks & Recipes General
by Rebecca Baugniet
500 Casseroles reveals recipes for creating fabulous dishes that taste delicious, freeze well, and make great leftovers. A contemporary look at this convenient food takes relevant health concerns to heart and provides an exciting assortment of fresh and seasonal dishes. The book delivers 500 recipes that reflect today's favourite casseroles and more - you'll find everything you need to comfort, to impress, or simply to satisfy a large or small family's appetite. Catering to special diets with chapters on vegetarian, vegan, and light dishes, you're sure to find the perfect meal for every occasion, no matter who is coming to dinner.
288 pages, hardcover

500 Cheeses   
500 Cheeses Cookbooks & Recipes General
by Roberta Muir
This tempting and wide-ranging guide to cheeses is packed full of information on selecting and tasting cheese from around the globe. Its the only cheese compendium you'll ever need! Cheeses are arranged from soft to hard and each entry includes detailed tasting notes. Technical terms are explained and the appellation systems, which guarantee the quality of the cheese, are demystified.
288 pages, hardcover

500 Chocolate Delights   
500 Chocolate Delights Cookbooks & Recipes Baking & Desserts
by Lauren Floodgate
This comprehensive volume is packed full with 500 recipes for mouth-watering chocolate delights. Accompanied by more than 100 full-colour photographs, the book is filled with ideas for every kind of snack, sweet treat, dessert, or cake for every occasion. Brimming with suggestions and tips to ensure easy, fuss-free entertaining, 500 Chocolate Delights is the only book on cooking and baking with chocolate you will ever need, and one you'll want to turn to time and time again! Sections of the book include: everyday cakes, cookies, muffins & cupcakes, bars, celebration cakes; pastries, tarts & cheesecakes, hot desserts, mousses & ice creams, petit fours & candies, drinks, frostings & sauces.
288 pages, hardcover

500 Cocktails   
500 Cocktails Cookbooks & Recipes Beverages
by Wendy Sweetser
500 Cocktails is a comprehensive volume that will inspire even the most reluctant host to play bartender. This book is the only cocktail compendium you'll ever need; it is packed with detailed recipes for cocktails, punches, hot toddies, sours, non-alcoholic beverages, hangover cures, and more. The recipes reflect many different traditions and kinds of spirits and liquers, as well as mixers and the garnishes that accompany them; from stirring versus shaking and glassware to garnish, an introductory section covers all the preparation essentials.
288 pages, hardcover

500 Cookies   
500 Cookies Cookbooks & Recipes Baking & Desserts
by Philippa Vanstone & Carol Beckerman
500 Cookies is chock full of recipes and basic techniques, information about equipment, ingredients, and even troubleshooting for the best cookies in the world! Complete with mouthwatering images and ideas for gift packaging and labelling, you'll be inspired to create the crispiest, chewiest, most delectable and yes - healthful - treats to enjoy with your family or to give as gifts. This collection features 500 sumptuous recipes from around the world and is truly the only cookie compendium you'll ever need!
288 pages, hardcover

500 Cupcakes   
500 Cupcakes Cookbooks & Recipes Baking & Desserts
by Fergal Connolly & Judith Fertig
500 Cupcakes is a storehouse of delicious easy-to-follow recipes, written in clear language and illustrated with full-colour photographs. The introduction provides a complete look at equipment, ingredients, and the cupcake making process. The collection spans from classic flavours and shapes to new favourites. Each recipe gives detailed instructions for the novice baker and features three variations on the basic recipe for the experienced baker seeking new flavours. This comprehensive guide will show you how to create perfect cupcakes, for all occasions and palates, every time.
288 pages, hardcover

500 Desserts   
500 Desserts Cookbooks & Recipes Baking & Desserts
by Wendy Sweetser
500 Desserts has something for everyone, whether your idea of the perfect final course is a light and fruity concoction or one that’s a bit more indulgent. Wendy Sweetser delivers a wide variety decadent desserts including: ultimate chocolate desserts; cheesecakes, sponges & hot soufflés; pies, crumbles & tarts; meringues & choux pastry desserts; chilled desserts; frozen desserts; cookies, brownies, shortcakes & whoopie pies; fritters, crepes & waffles; and desserts made in minutes.
288 pages, hardcover

500 Fish & Shellfish Dishes   
500 Fish & Shellfish Dishes Cookbooks & Recipes General
by Judith M. Fertig
This book contains everything you need to know in order to choose, prepare, cook, and enjoy seafood of all kinds. Chapters cover the full scope of preparations - steaming, simmering, frying, baking, grilling, planking, roasting, and smoking - and a final chapter on sauces and sides finish the flavours off nicely. Readers will also find a full range of dishes, from show-stopping appetizers and salads to savory stews, fantastic sandwiches, elegant dinners, and more.
288 pages, hardcover

500 Gluten-Free Dishes   
500 Gluten-Free Dishes Cookbooks & Recipes General
by Carol Beckerman and Deb Wheaton
In 500 Gluten-Free Dishes you will find enticing gluten-free recipes to improve your well-being and long-term health. You will be inspired by delectable dishes for everyday cooking, covering breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as baking and desserts. If you have picked up this book because you, or someone close to you, have just discovered you are intolerant or allergic to gluten, you will be reassured by the range of delicious foods available to you, and immediately start to feel better. Do not despair pancakes are still on the menu.
288 pages, hardcover

500 Ice Creams, Sorbets & Gelatos   
500 Ice Creams, Sorbets & Gelatos Cookbooks & Recipes Baking & Desserts
by Alex Barker
Learn everything you need to know about making frozen desserts with this handy book. Try any one of the 500 fabulous concoctions featured including classic ice creams, sorbets, Italian-style gelatos, as well as elegant water ices and granitas, show-stopping ice cream cakes and gâteaux, kid-friendly frozen treats, and incredible delights for the health or calorie conscious. 500 Ice Creams, Sorbets & Gelatos is the only ice cream compendium you'll ever need; it includes advice on choosing and using ice cream machines as well as instructions for the basic method of making ice cream without any special equipment. Special chapters offer recipes for dairy-free and low-fat, sugar-free frozen delights. From delicious flavors to delectable mix-ins, this collection is packed with irresistible ideas for 500 refreshing, tempting treats.
288 pages, hardcover

500 Italian Dishes   
500 Italian Dishes Cookbooks & Recipes International Cuisines
by Valentina Sforza
Italian food is loved the world over; 500 Italian Dishes is your guide to everyday cooking the Italian way -- with enthusiasm, imagination, and fresh, quality ingredients. From dishes showcasing the bounty of the lush pastures of northern Italy to the tasty and refreshing meals created in the arid lands and coastal landscapes of the south, readers can choose from an incredible variety of regional specialties. Recipes are organized by traditional Italian course -- from antipasti to dolce -- offering cooks a full range of classic and contemporary dishes.
288 pages, hardcover

500 Mediterranean Dishes   
500 Mediterranean Dishes Cookbooks & Recipes International Cuisines
by Valentia Sforza
We’ve all heard amazing things about the delicious and healthy foods of the Mediterranean, now 500 Mediterranean Dishes provides 500 simple ways to enjoy those foods in everyday meals. From antipasti and tapas to fresh fruit desserts, you’ll find satisfying recipes for every course and of every variety.
288 pages, hardcover

500 Mexican Dishes   
500 Mexican Dishes Cookbooks & Recipes International Cuisines
by Judith Fertig
This collection offers a full range of authentic Mexican dish recipes, from appetizers and snacks to savoury stews, fabulous fajitas, delicious casseroles, mouthwatering sauces, grilled dishes, and big platter foods for entertaining.
180 pages, hardcover

500 Pasta Dishes   
500 Pasta Dishes
Cookbooks & Recipes General
by Valentina Sforza
Of all the wonderful things that Italy has given the world, nothing is quite so special as a dish of perfectly prepared pasta. Italian cooking tends to involve the emotions, but nothing seems to provoke as much passion and fervour in a real Italian in the kitchen as his or her favourite pasta recipe. One of the many things that makes pasta so popular is its incredible versatility. It can be served in a soup, stuffed with a delicious filling, layered and baked, or tossed in a sauce. It can also be combined with fresh or cured meats, cheeses, vegetables, pulses, fish, and seafood. Even leftover pasta can be made into a tasty frittata. 500 Pasta Dishes delivers recipes that are creative rather than complicated, so the ingredients are easy to get hold of and the instructions are straightforward. The book contains both familiar recipes (some with a novel or speedy twist) and a selection of more unusual recipes that draw on international cuisine, contemporary palates, and the availability of many exciting ingredients in the supermarket. Experienced cooks will find new inspiration, and less confident cooks will discover that success can come with every meal.
288 pages, hardcover

500 Pies & Tarts   
500 Pies & Tarts Cookbooks & Recipes Baking & Desserts
by Rebecca Baugniet
500 Pies & Tarts is a comprehensive collection that will inspire even the most reluctant cook to embrace his/her inner baker. If you've always wanted to bake a pie, but don't know where to start, our detailed recipes will guide you with precision, and take the guesswork out of pastry making while providing useful tips that ensure success each time. This book is the only pie and tart compendium you'll ever need; it includes many simple-to-make pies and tarts and numerous time-saving variations. Sections of the book include: classic pies & tarts, fruit pies & tarts; cream, custard & chiffon pies, meringue, frozen & chilled pies, savory pies & tarts, mini pies & tartlets, individual pies & turnovers, cobblers, strudels & crumble pies, and special occasion pies.
288 pages, hardcover

500 Pizzas & Flatbreads   
500 Pizzas & Flatbreads Cookbooks & Recipes General
by Rebecca Baugniet
500 Pizzas & Flatbreads is packed with irresistible recipes from baking traditions around the world. This book is the only pizza and flatbread compendium you'll ever need; it includes a vast supply of pizza and flatbread recipes - crispy dosas, aromatic naans, pocket pitas, and many more to satisfy every appetite and taste. From thin crust to deep dish, from whole wheat to gluten free, the basics section offers numerous dough recipes and tips to create the perfect crust every time. All recipes are created for and tested in a conventional home oven.
288 pages, hardcover

500 Quick Meals   
500 Quick Meals Cookbooks & Recipes General
by Deborah Gray
If you're short of time and looking for inspiration, dip into this cookbook for fresh, new recipes that are ready in 30 minutes or less. Perfect for the busy cook, 500 Quick Meals inspires with a wide range of cuisines that emphasize healthy fresh ingredients and real flavour. The recipes include starters, main dishes, sandwiches, soups and desserts; everything a cook needs to make a splendid quick meal. A practical guide to the quick cook's pantry and valuable tips on how to cut time without sacrificing quality are included.
288 pages, hardcover

500 Salads   
500 Salads Cookbooks & Recipes General
by Susannah Blake
Filled with recipes for those who like their food fast, healthy, and fresh, the ingredients in this cookbook call for field greens and simple pastas to whole grains and healthful proteins. Whether you're looking for a side dish or a filling main meal, a wholesome lunch or a fruity snack, there's a salad in this book for every occasion and appetite.
220 pages, hardcover

500 Slow-Cooker Dishes   
500 Slow-Cooker Dishes Cookbooks & Recipes General
by Carol Beckerman
What could be better than coming home after a long day at work, and your meal is waiting, and ready? 500 Slow-Cooker Dishes delivers clear and concise instructions, even the novice cook will find it easy to produce tantalizing meals for every occasion, with great results every time. This is the only compendium of slow-cooker dishes you'll ever need. The author, Carol Beckerman, includes tips on food safety, the best cuts of meat to buy, and how to use your slow cooker to vary the texture and flavour of your meals. This is a collection of meals to suit every occasion, from starters and soups, wonderful main course ideas, to desserts, and even preserves.
288 pages, hardcover

500 Smoothies & Juices   
500 Smoothies & Juices Cookbooks & Recipes Beverages
by Christine Watson
500 Smoothies & Juices is a comprehensive collection of quick and easy smoothies and juices recipes you can make in your own home. Each recipe offers a delicious way to get daily doses of fruits and/or vegetables. This book is the only smoothie and juice compendium you'll ever need; it includes an introductory section that covers all preparation essentials, including techniques, the equipment you'll use, ingredients, measurement conversions and health benefits.
288 pages, hardcover

500 Soups   
500 Soups Cookbooks & Recipes General
by Susannah Blake
This collection is crammed with 500 mouthwatering soups and packed with inspirational ideas for every kind of soup, broth, bisque, chowder, potage, and consommé. Every page of 500 Soups is filled with ideas and tips to ensure success — making it the only book on making soups you'll ever need. Sections of the book include: cooled & chilled, healthy & wholesome, smooth & creamy, meal in a bowl, 20-minute treats, hot & spicy, sophisticated starters, Asian flavours and fruity flavours.
288 pages, hardcover

500 Sushi   
500 Sushi Cookbooks & Recipes International Cuisines
by Caroline Bennett
500 Sushi provides the home chef with everything needed to make delicious, authentic sushi at home. Making these flavoursome bites is easy with this exhaustive collection of recipes. Following the expert advice from the founder of Moshi Moshi Sushi, you will learn how to choose fresh fish and other ingredients and fuse them into delicious combinations. From toppings and fillings to seasonings and accompaniments, this book gives you the tips and knowledge you need to make this popular Japanese dish.
288 pages, hardcover

500 Tapas   
500 Tapas Cookbooks & Recipes General
by Christine Watson
Bring the delectable Spanish tradition of tapas to your table with 500 Tapas. Christine Watson delivers a mouthwatering assortment of tapas recipes including: seafood, poultry, pork, lamb, beef, vegetable, classic bread tapas, and even dessert tapas.
288 pages, hardcover

750 Best Muffin Recipes   
750 Best Muffin Recipes Cookbooks & Recipes Baking & Desserts
by Camilla V. Saulsbury
Just about everybody loves muffins. They're quick and easy to make. And they're the perfect size for a quick breakfast or snack. In fact, if you're like most people, chances are you already have a few muffin recipes that you use all the time. 750 Best Muffin Recipes offers a tremendous number of recipes that deliver a wide array of flavours and options for any home chef, going well beyond just variations of blueberry and bran muffins. There are nine chapters of innovative recipes: muffin classics, good morning muffins, decadent coffeehouse muffins, lunch and supper muffins, farmer's market muffins, global muffins, superfood muffins, gluten-free muffins, and vegan muffins. All the recipes are fresh and enticing, as much fun to make as they are to serve or eat. Home cooks will find a wealth of useful baking tips and techniques with clear instructions and simple steps for every recipe. This is the kind of cookbook that both beginners and experienced bakers will use endlessly.
512 pages, softcover

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