150 Best Ebleskiver Recipes

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Aebleskivers are small Danish puffed pancakes made in a special multi-well pan. Sweet and savoury variations of this petite puff are appearing on restaurant menus and at farmer's markets across North America. The widespread availability of the pans has encouraged home cooks to join in the fun of this tasty treat. Aebleskivers, with their ideal shape and size, appeal to home cooks of all kinds for all occasions. 150 Best Ebleskiver Recipes goes well beyond a collection of recipes, as it is an appliance/equipment handbook, too. The recipes range from simple to sophisticated, yet all are convenient and delicious treats, which range from classic aebleskivers, to newer breakfast options, to make-ahead appetizers, to snacks for the family. Even decadent desserts can be made in minutes all without turning on the oven. Just a small sample of these sumptuous recipes include: cranberry orange aebleskivers, buttery Beignet puffs, maple-pecan aebleskivers, smoked salmon and dill puffs, roasted pepper feta puffs, crab cake puffs, chocolate ganache aebleskivers, praline puffs, browned butter aebleskivers, buckwheat blini puffs, lamington puffs, spanakopita puffs, and linzer puffs. The 150 recipes deliver inspired flavour combinations in addition to vegan and gluten-free variations of the classic and simplified batters, both of which can be substituted for recipes throughout the collection. And the step-by-step photos of the aebleskiver techniques ensure a perfect result every time.

Camilla Saulsbury is a freelance food writer, recipe developer, and cooking instructor. Her culinary focus is translating food and flavour trends into fresh, innovative, and delicious recipes for the home kitchen. Saulsbury has been involved in the world of food for more than 16 years, including catering specialty desserts, writing cookbooks and freelance food articles, and developing recipes for food companies.