500 Cookies

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288 pages, hardcover
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500 Cookies is chock full of recipes and basic techniques, information about equipment, ingredients, and even troubleshooting for the best cookies in the world! Complete with mouthwatering images and ideas for gift packaging and labelling, you'll be inspired to create the crispiest, chewiest, most delectable and yes - healthful - treats to enjoy with your family or to give as gifts. This collection features 500 sumptuous recipes from around the world and is truly the only cookie compendium you'll ever need!

Philippa Vanstone is a former pastry chef turned food writer and stylist. She specializes in all things sweet, and is the author of Homemade Cakes and Tarts and Pies. In 500 Cookies, Vanstone writes about the subject of cookies with the same enthusiasm she approached her other books. In 500 Cookies, she has gathered all her favorite recipes and has created a delicious book that cooks will enjoy for years to come.