Blender - Magnetic

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Available in Onyx Black
Dishwasher safe components
pitcher: 60 ounces
16"L × 7½"W × 13"H
Lid, funnel, and ingredient cap are BPA-free
Country of Origin:
United States

This innovative blender is the first magnetic drive blender for home use that combines high power,
high style, and low effort. Developed with the optimal user experience in mind, the blender has a 1.8 horsepower motor and innovative preset programs, which make it easy to create a recipe for any occasion. The motor has the power to blend through tough ingredients. The ability to achieve both high and low speeds in one recipe program ensures your recipe is blended to an ideal texture. This combination of power and speed creates new recipe possibilities for home blending. The pitcher magnetically locks into a secure position for easy blending. The pitcher slides in and out like a coffee maker, creating a low-profile design that fits easily underneath kitchen cabinets.

By automatically optimizing different blade speeds, Intelli-Speed technology allows you to purée
vegetables, blend up extra-thick milkshakes, crush ice cubes, and more. This advanced design maintains an optimal blending speed for each preset recipe program, even though the density changes when extra ingredients are added. The built-in sensor monitors the different blade speeds to detect ingredients’ resistance and enables the blender to automatically adjust and maintain the selected speed of the preset recipe program.

Ingredients can easily be added during the blending process by simply lifting the dishwasher-safe
ingredient cap on the top. Add ice, fresh fruit, and more while the blender is in operation. Use the
measurement marks on the cap for precision.

The preset recipe programs help the overall circulation of ingredients as the blender creates a powerful vortex to move ingredients down to the blades. This eliminates the need to use a tamper.