Bread Proofer, Yogurt Maker & Slow Cooker - Folding

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Reinforced polypropylene body with stainless steel wire rack; aluminum water tray and heating plate
2 large loaves of bread (approximately 2 pounds of dough each); eight 1-quart or 1-litre jars (maximum 8"H); 8 quart/8 litre pot (maximum 11"Dia × 8½"H)
assembled: 18"L × 14½"W × 10½"H; folded: 2½"H
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1 year

Professional bread bakers prize the ability to control fermentation temperatures to produce the best flavours in their loaves. This proofer fits into any home kitchen to help create a more consistently humid, warm environment for more professional results when preparing yeast dough recipes. Use the proofer when baking sourdough, gluten free, whole grain, or any traditional bread recipes. Simply set up the proofer and preheat it, then add your full size mixing bowl of dough or loaf pans to rise. The included water tray can be used to create humidity to perfect your rise. Set the digital temperature control lower for a long, slow rise or pre-fermentation; turn up the heat to give yeast a boost on a cold day. A large window provides a clear view of the rising process.

The proofer can be operated in a dry mode where the unit's temperature control makes it ideal for use as a large-capacity yogurt maker to culture up to 8 quarts of yogurt using your own glass containers. Or, use it to melt chocolate without scorching or seizing and to hold pure chocolate at the ideal working temperature after it has been tempered. The proofer can even be used to help keep chips, crackers, and cookies crisp longer.

The proofer also includes a "slow cook" mode in which any large stock pot or Dutch oven may be used as a slow cooker. The "slow cook" mode offers true one-pot cooking: you can sauté onions and sear meat on the stovetop, and then place that same pot in the proofer directly on the heating plate (no rack is used). The temperature can be controlled (in 5° increments) from 85°F to 195°F. Thus, in addition to traditional cooking, the proofer can be used to make black garlic (140°F) or used with a stockpot of water for sous vide cooking.

The proofer's sides fold down for easy storage in a drawer or cabinet.

Temperature range: proofer mode (humid): 70ºF/21C - 95°F/35C; proofer mode (dry): 70°F/21C - 120°F/49C; slow cook mode: 85ºF/30C - 195°F/90C. Typical humidity: 70-80%.

This versatile unit can also be used to make kombucha (probiotic tea) and other fermented food and drinks including kefir and tempeh; the accurate temperature control ensures timely and consistent results. Make delicious soft cheese with your own ingredients; ensure consistent flavours by using the right temperature for each cheese culture. You can even create healthy energy bars to suit your own dietary requirements, whether gluten-free, light in caloric content or packed with a wholesome source of high energy, easily digested nutrients.

An optional shelf kit is also available (sold separately) which double the capacity of the bread proofer by creating a second level so that the proofer can accommodate two sheet pans or four loaf pans.

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    Bread proofer...

    Wolfgang Roesler on 27th Sep 2019

    I got the proofer 10 days ago. I know, it´s early to write a review but, so far so good. The shipping went well. The item arrived ahead of time and, most important, was packed well and so arrived undamaged.
    It worked well making yoghurt. I worked well as a slow cooker making a very good beef roast. For both applications we used the recipes coming with the item. I haven´t used it actually for proofing bread dough and making sour dough yet. That will be the next steps... and be sure I will keep you posted....As I said: So far so good. I think giving the proofer four stars is fair and there is still space to give a better rating or to reduce it depending on how the item will work in the future...