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Airbrush Compressor - Airmaster

This airbrush compressor is designed for heavy-duty use by cake decorators. The compressor is of a constant airflow type, which means the user merely adjusts the flow of colour by a slight backward movement of the airbrush trigger. It has a bleed control valve which allows the user to select the desired airflow from 10 - 30 PSI: from low pressure for very delicate work such as fine lines and delicate shading to higher pressure for a large overall spray pattern. A built-in air accumulator tank eliminates pulsation. The compressor is sturdy, clean, and quiet, and is fully enclosed.

SKU# KK3000

Colour/Pattern: Red Capacity: 10 - 30 PSI
Product Code: KK3000
Additional Information
Warranty: 1 year
Product of United States

Note: Airbrush is not included (sold separately); for an airbrush system which includes this compressor and an airbrush, see the Airbrush System - Airmaster by Kopykake below.

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