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Baguette Pan - Non-stick

by Chicago Metallic - Commercial II Non-stick
The best metal baking pan for the discriminating home baker, combining the best non-stick materials with top commercial baking technology. High temperature coil-coating with Dupont's Silverstone no-stick coating assures strong, long-lasting adhesion and consistent, even coverage. The perforated bottom helps bake crispier crusts.

SKU# CH59609

Capacity: 3 loaves
Product Code: CH59609
Additional Information
The aluminized steel finish combines the durability, strength, and superior heat conduction of steel with the corrosion-resistance of an aluminum-silicone alloy. Coil-coating, a heat-application process, is used to bond Dupont's SilverStone no-stick coating to the metal. This state-of-the art process, used in manufacturing major appliances, means the rolled metal is coated at peak temperatures over 700º F. Each pan is then formed from the quality-assured coil-coated roll. Unlike low-temperature sprayed or dipped coatings which are applied after other pans are stamped out, coil-coating assures strong, long-lasting adhesion and consistent, even coverage--there are no bare spots to rust or stick.

Dimensions: 17"L × 9"W × 1"D
Materials: Heavy-weight aluminized steel with a non-stick finish
Care: Dishwasher safe
Warranty: Lifetime
Product of China


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