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Blender & Chopper - Compact

This compact portable blending and chopping system features one touch operation that's hands free for continuous use. The digital compact base has illuminated High, Low, and Pulse settings and gives you one-touch control for any and every job; three speeds let you easily mix sauces, puree soups, and crush ice for frozen drinks. Use the base with a variety of blending containers: use the 32-ounce blender jar for large-volume blending; the 8-ounce chopping cup is ideal for prepping ingredients; and the four travel cups let you blend right in the cup, put on the sipping lids, and take your drink to go or out on the patio.

SKU# CS3300

Set of 15: blender base, jar, blade, and cover; chopper jar, blade, and cover; and 4 travel cups and covers Size: 32 oz Capacity: 32 ounces/0.9 litres
Product Code: CS3300
Additional Information
Warranty: 3 years limited
Product of China

Note: Cuisinart Compact Portable Blending/Chopping System, model CPB-300
Allergens: Blender jar, chopping cup, and travel cups are BPA free

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