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Brownie Pan - Sliced - 9 × 13

by Chicago Metallic - Slice Solutions
This brownie pan makes it easy to prepare perfect brownies, using a metal divider to pre-slice brownies as they bake. Fill the pan with batter and insert the divider before baking. After the brownies have cooled, remove the divider and lift out the removable base of the pan to release the brownies; there's no need to use a knife. Not only does the pan create flawless and uniformly-sized brownies, but the divider makes it easy for each brownie to be individually customized; simply add nuts, candies, or other goodies before or after baking. The pan is also great for preparing cornbread, crumb cakes, or crispy cereal bars.

SKU# CH26740

Set of 3: brownie pan with removable base and divider Size: 9 × 13 Capacity: 18 brownies
Product Code: CH26740
Additional Information
Dimensions: 13"L × 9"W × 2"D
Materials: Aluminized steel with a non-stick finish
Care: Dishwasher safe
Product of China


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