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Butter Bakery Emulsion - Natural

Use this professional strength natural flavouring in any recipe as you would an extract to give a rich buttery flavour. It's perfect for adding butter flavour to shortening-based icings and is excellent for flavouring all of your homemade baked goods, including cookies, cakes, sweet breads and pastries, as well as frostings, glazes, fondants, fillings, cream centres, and other confectionery items. The emulsion is clear so that it adds flavour without any colouring.

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Available in 4 ounce/118 millilitre or 16 oz/473 mL bottles
Product Code: LR0752p-parent

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Additional Information
This bakery emulsion has a more potent, robust flavour than an extract, and it won't "bake out" when exposed to heat.

Product of United States

Allergens: Alcohol free
Certification: Kosher
Butter Bakery Emulsion - Natural - 4 oz

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  • Butter Bakery Emulsion - Natural - 4 oz
  • Butter Bakery Emulsion - Natural - 16 oz
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