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Cake Decorating Set - 49 pcs

by Wilton - Decorator Preferred
This selection of tools gives you the flexibility to decorate any type of cake. The tool caddy organizes, carries, and stores all of the essential tools for working with buttercream. A lift-out tray accommodates tips, couplers, and brushes securely. Ample storage beneath keeps palette knives, piping bags, and other large supplies neatly organized.

SKU# WI2109.3127

Set of 49: 16 decorating tips (round tips 3, 5, and 12; star tips 18, 21, and 32; basketweave tip 48; leaf tips 69 and 352; petal tips 103 and 125; drop flower tips 109 and 225; bismarck tip 230; multi-opening tip 233; and large open star tip 1M/2110), 4 standard couplers, 6 silicone tip covers, tip brush, flower lifter, flower nail, 3 decorating bags (two 10"L and one 16"L), 12 disposable piping bags (12"L), 2 angled palette knives (4"L and 8" blades), 2 cake strips, and tool caddy Colour/Pattern: White with purple accents
Product Code: WI2109.3127
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Dimensions: 17½"L × 8"W × 8¾"H


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