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Cedar Wraps - 6 × 8

These all-natural cedar wraps allow you to add delicious, all natural flavour to your favourite foods. Simple to use, the wraps help keep food moist, infuse the food with smoky flavour, and enhance presentation. The wraps are especially recommended for use with fish, especially good-quality salmon, but can also be used to add flavour to meat, poultry, cheese, and more. Ties are included.

SKU# CM1465

Pack of 4 Size: 6 × 8
Product Code: CM1465
Additional Information
Dimensions: 8"L × 6"W
Materials: Cedar wraps with hemp ties
Product of United States

Note: Cedar wraps are not edible
Instructions: Soak wraps in water before use to help make them more pliable. For added flavour, you can use wine, beer or whisky, instead of water. Pat the wraps dry with a paper towel, then spread a small amount of cooking oil onto the area of the wrap where food will sit. Place a piece of meat or fish combined with vegetables if you desire, in the centre of the wrap (food should be seasoned to taste before wrapping); roll up the wrap, tie, then cook on the grill or in the oven.

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