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Coffee Press - Thermal - 8 cups

by OXO - Good Grips
This thermal coffee press features an elegant glass interior encased in durable Tritan to protect and insulate your hand-crafted brew. The crystal-clear aesthetic provides an unobstructed view of the coffee brewing process. The non-slip knob and comfortable handle are ideal for easy pressing and pouring. A stainless steel plunger filters coffee for a delicious, sediment-free brew and the spout boasts a filter that adds a secondary level of filtration for a clean taste. The 8-cup capacity is ideal for serving parties of two (or more). The coffee press comes apart for thorough cleaning.

SKU# OX1812

Capacity: 8 cups/36 ounces
Product Code: OX1812

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Additional Information
Materials: Glass interior encased in shatter-proof Tritan plastic


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