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  1. Fondue Set - Electric
    Fondue creates an opportunity to sit down with friends or family to enjoy a leisurely, congenial meal. Ease of preparation and unique flavours and ingredients are some of the elements that have combined to make fondues a key food trend in recent years. This multi-purpose electric fondue set has a ceramic insert that acts as a double-boiler, so one fondue set can be used for different types of fondue: meat, cheese, or chocolate. Simply remove the ceramic bowl, put the splatter guard in place, and you're ready for a meat fondue. For cheese and chocolate fondue, place water in the fondue pot and put the ceramic bowl in place. The variable heat control of this fondue set's burner plate defines multi-functionality; when not enjoying meat, cheese or chocolate fondue, use the separate burner plate as you would a stove top element.

    Set of 11: stainless steel ringed pot, stainless steel splatter guard, ceramic Bain-Marie insert, 6 fondue forks, detachable magnetic power cord, and electric burner rechaud (stand) base with rails (with aluminum hot plate for easy cleaning)

  2. Fondue Pot
    This versatile fondue pot is equipped with a stovetop-safe cast-aluminum insert that offers the convenience of cooking and serving fondue all in the same pot. Leave the insert in for delicate cheese and dessert fondues (the insert lets you heat cheese and chocolate without scorching), or remove the insert to prepare meats in oil. The stainless steel fondue pot features a sturdy aluminum base for maximum stability and a lid with evenly spaced slots that not only ensure even cooking, but also provide a spot for holding eight forks in an upright position. The fondue pot also comes with eight, colour-coded fondue forks, a stand and a sterno burner (fuel not included).
  3. Fondue Chafing Burner
    This fondue chafing burner is compact and can be used for warming fondue pots, chaffers, stone grills, raclette sets, soup tureens, and coffee and beverage urns. The refillable, butane-powered burner features adjustable flame control temperature, automatic ignition, safety mechanism turn off stopper, heavy non-tip wide base, and a built-in pressure release valve.

    Set of 3: chafing burner, platform, and butane fuel (1½ oz)

  4. Chocolate Fondue Mug - Sweetheart
    Melt your favourite decadent chocolate and dip away into heavenly bliss. This chocolate fondue mug is perfect for dipping strawberries, bananas, apples, pears, lady fingers, pound cake, cookies, marshmallows, crisp rice treats, dried fruit, granola bars, brownies, and more. The ceramic mug has an opening to hold a tealight candle to warm the chocolate to the perfect temperature for dipping, and includes two dipping forks and a tealight candle. The fondue mug makes a great holiday, valentine, birthday, or housewarming gift.

    Set of 4: mug, 2 dipping forks, and tealight

    Capacity: 8 ounces/250 millilitres

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4 Results

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