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Corn Butterer

by Zyliss
Corn-on-the-cob is a favourite side dish, especially during the summer grilling months. Enjoy buttery, grilled corn with less mess using this corn butterer, that is designed to spread melted butter evenly over your corn with a simple squeeze. To use, melt butter in a dish, place corn butterer into butter and then squeeze the melted butter up into the silicone tube. The flexible silicone body with squeeze-and-release valve holds and releases melted butter for even distribution on food. The heat-resistant bristles withstand heat up to 392˚F, resist odours, and won’t shed or change shape over time. The butterer is also useful for brushing pastry dough with butter or egg wash. The butterer comes apart to allow for easy cleaning of butter residue inside tube.

SKU# ZL80001

Colour/Pattern: Yellow
Product Code: ZL80001
Additional Information
Dimensions: 6½"L × 1½"W
Materials: Food-safe silicone


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