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Crème Brûlée Baking Set

by Chicago Metallic - Commercial
Crème brûlée, a decadent treat usually reserved for fine restaurant dining, can now be easily prepared at home with this clever set. The porcelain ramekins are held securely in a square cake pan by a chrome wire rack, preventing them from moving around while transferring the pan to and from the oven. The set is also perfect for baking mini cheesecakes or any other dessert or savoury prepared in ramekins or requiring a water bath, and the cake pan may be used on its own for baking cakes, brownies, cinnamon roll, and other treats. The cake pan is designed to meet the exacting standards of commercial bakers and gourmet bakers who prefer traditional baking on uncoated pans. The uncoated surface offers good reflectivity for even dispersion of heat -- which means more consistent, even baking and gradual browning. Includes a recipe for classic crème brûlée.

SKU# CH77106

Set of 6: 4 ramekins (each 6 ounce capacity), wire rack, and 8"L × 8"W square cake pan
Product Code: CH77106
Additional Information
The cake pan is crafted from heavy-weight aluminized steel, which combines the durability, strength, and superior heat conduction of steel with the corrosion-resistance of an aluminum-silicone alloy. Precise, proprietary "folding" technology is the key to the unique construction and strength of the pan; steel is folded over at the ends, which triples the corner thickness and reinforces the rim.

Dimensions: 8"L × 8"W
Materials: Heavy-weight aluminized steel
Care: Cake pan and ramekins are dishwasher safe
Warranty: 25 years limited (on cake pan only)
Product of China


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