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Dip & Salsa - Raspberry

In the 1970s, Bob and Sara Rothschild moved from California to Ohio's Mad River Valley, determined to work the land. Their spirited commitment resulted in a successful 170-acre farm and more red raspberries than they could handle. That one simple ingredient inspired original recipes and unique flavour combinations. After over 30 years, Rothschild still makes every product from scratch, using time-honoured techniques, slowly cooking each small batch to perfection. Rothschild never settles for just good enough -- only the insanely flavourful and truly exceptional, like this gluten-free raspberry dip & salsa. Plump tomatoes, jalapeño peppers and sweet, sun-ripened raspberries make for a perfectly delicious combination. Grab a basket of warm tortilla chips, an icy margarita and head for the sun deck!

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11.3 ounce/320 gram jar
Product Code: RC10153
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Tomatoes, sugar, tomato paste, water, white vinegar, tomato juice, spices, Worcestershire sauce (molasses, corn syrup, caramel colour, garlic, tamarind, natural tlavour), raspberry purée, xanthan gum, salt, onions, celery, jalapeño peppers, citric acid, calcium chloride
Certification: Kosher

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