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Double Boiler Insert - Universal - Non-stick

This universal double boiler is perfect for melting chocolate without burning or seizing, keeping syrups and caramel liquefied during use, or even working with cream or butter-based sauces. The aluminum insert features a non-stick interior that ensures easy release and clean up.

SKU# NW09822

Capacity: 8 cups/2 quarts/1.89 litres
Product Code: NW09822
Additional Information
Fits pots and pans 6"Dia to 9"Dia.

Dimensions: 10-7/8"L × 9-1/3"W × 4"D (including handles)
Materials: Aluminum with non-stick interior
Warranty: 5 years
Product of United States

Note: Pan not included
Instructions: Fill your pot or pan half full with water, and bring to a boil. Place the double boiler into pan so that it makes contact with the water. Add food to be melted and stir gently until even in consistency.

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