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Egg Poacher - Silicone

Poaching is one of the healthiest ways to prepare eggs, since no butter or oil is used. This egg poacher securely hooks onto the rim of pan for easy poaching. Simply crack an egg into the poacher sitting in boiling water. The poacher has holes that allow water to circulate and gently poach the egg for a perfectly poached, perfectly shaped egg; the holes also allow for easy draining of water when removing the egg from the pot. The silicone cup is designed for quick, easy, clean release. The poacher features an ergonomic handle shaped for comfort.

SKU# BW7182

Set of 2
Product Code: BW7182
Additional Information
Heat-resistant to 575ºF/300C.

Dimensions: 6½"L × 4"W × 4"H
Materials: Food-safe silicone cup
Care: Top rack dishwasher safe

Allergens: BPA free

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