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Griddle - Backsplash - Double

Turn your kitchen into a diner for making great breakfasts (or lunch, or dinner). This griddle features a raised edge that allows for easy flipping whether cooking eggs, meats, or veggies. The backsplash design with juice groove prevents food from rolling off and reduces splatters. The generous cook surface covers two burners and is ideal for frying multiple foods at once. The griddle slants downward slightly to drain grease and collect liquid in the built-in groove for healthier meals. The premium non-stick cast aluminum surface ensures easy release, without using oil or butter. and the lighter weight makes the griddle easier to lift. Integrated side handles allow for easy maneuvering. The griddle is safe for use on gas, electric, glass, and ceramic cooktops.

SKU# NW19862

Size: 12 × 20
Product Code: NW19862
Additional Information
Dimensions: 20"L × 12"W × 1¾"D
Materials: Durable cast aluminum
Care: Hand wash
Product of United States


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