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Mason Jars (no lids) - 8 oz - Standard

These multi-use home canning mason jars are made from high quality glass which can be used for waterbath or pressure canning and are completely odour and stain proof. Use for nearly all home canned foods: tomatoes, pickles, fruit, vegetables, and sauces. The jars are also wonderful for crafts and storage and feature three smooth sides for easy labelling.

SKU# OC0504

Pack of 6 jars Size: 8 oz, standard mouth (70 mm) Colour/Pattern: Clear with three smooth sides Capacity: 8 ounces/236 millilitres (half pint)
Product Code: OC0504
Additional Information
Lids sold separately. Compatible with all brands of (70 mm opening) mason jar lids and canning jar caps.

Materials: Glass
Care: Dishwasher safe
Product of China


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