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Mixing Bowl Lid

by Rosti - Margrethe
This plastic lid seals the Rosti "Margrethe" melamine mixing bowls (including over the spout). Use it when dough needs to rest on the countertop or for storing batter in the refrigerator. A flat top allows other items to be stacked on top of the covered bowl.

The mixer lid features an opening in the centre of the lid which allows for a hand mixer or immersion blender to be inserted into the bowl; the lid prevents splashing of the ingredients onto the countertop while mixing.

SKU# PS2490-parent

Size: Standard lid available to fit 500 mL (5"Dia), 750 mL (5¾"Dia), 1.5 litre (6¼"Dia), 2 L (7"Dia), 3 L (8¼"Dia), 4 L (9¼"Dia), and 5 L bowls; mixer lid only available for 3 L (8¼"Dia) bowls Colour/Pattern: Translucent
Product Code: PS2490-parent

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Additional Information
Not for use in freezer or microwave. For use only with Rosti Margrethe mixing bowls.

Materials: Polypropylene
Care: Dishwasher safe

Note: Bowls sold separately
Allergens: BPA free

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