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Non-Adherent Baking Mat - 16 × 24

This reusable non-adherent silicone baking mat is a must for every baker. Line a baking sheet and bake cookies, cakes, and pastries without added grease or oil and without them sticking to the pan. Or, place on your countertop when working with caramelized sugar or chocolate; they won't stick, and cleanup will be easy. Pliable and flexible, the baking mat wipes clean and is rated for 2000 uses.

SKU# FT9224

Size: 16 × 24
Product Code: FT9224
Additional Information
Fits a full size baker's sheet (18" × 26"). Heat resistant to 600°F/315C.

Dimensions: 24½"L × 16¼"W
Materials: FDA-approved silicone with fibreglass weave
Care: Wipe with a damp sponge after each use to remove crumbs or particles. If washing is required, lay the mat in the sink and run warm water over the surface. Use a mild soap or detergent with a soft sponge to clean the surface. Do not use any scrapers or hard brushes. Shake off excess water and hang or lay flat on surface to dry. Store on a flat tray, hang with a clothes pin, or roll; do not fold. Never cut or use sharp objects on the surface.
Product of China

Instructions: Place the baking mat on a flat surface with the smooth side facing up (logo up); after the baked pastries have cooled, remove the pieces one by one or by gently lifting the baking mat to allow them to roll off the tray

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