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Non-Stick Baking Liner

SuperParchment reusable non-stick teflon pan liner is better than parchment paper! Reduces the need for greasing and flouring pans. Cookies, cakes, and brownies emerge easily from their pans.~Golda cuts SuperParchment to fit cookie sheets, cake pans, loaf pans, and springform pans. Pliable, flexible, wipes clean. Reusable hundreds of times.

SKU# RW1125

Size: Fits a half size baker's sheet (13 × 18")
Product Code: RW1125
Additional Information
SuperParchment can be used with either side up. No greasing is necessary. Using SuperParchment does not result in any change in cooking time. Can be used in conventional or microwave ovens.

Dimensions: 17"L × 13"W
Materials: Non-stick teflon
Care: To clean, wipe with a damp sponge or paper towel. It can also be washed more thoroughly with soap and water. SuperParchment is not damaged by boiling water or detergents.
Product of United States

Note: Do not expose SuperParchment to temperatures in excess of 550°F or to open flames, hot burners, gas grills, or charcoal grill surfaces. Do not use sharp or metal utensils which will damage the surface of the material, or cut on the SuperParchment.
Instructions: For cookies, place SuperParchment on a cookie sheet (either side up) and place cookies directly on the SuperParchment. Do not grease. Slip the finished cookies off when done.~For cake and brownies, line a square, rectangular, or round baking pan with SuperParchment by putting it on the bottom of the pan and carefully folding up the corners and sides (or cut a piece of SuperParchment to fit the pan). Allow ten minutes to cool before turning out onto a cooling rack and peeling off the SuperParchment.~For pancakes, SuperParchment can be used directly on large pancake griddles. Pour the batter directly onto the SuperParchment. Make sure the sheet does not stick out from the edge of the pancake griddle.

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Customer Reviews

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  • wonderful
    By John
    Posted 2017-03-06
    especially for cookies made with stick-prone ingredients such as milk-chocolate chips
  • Best ever - use every time I bake cookies!
    By Bunny
    Posted 2016-02-20
    I have used this baking liner for years and years. I also gave one to my sister who loves it. My husband who loves to cook absconded with one of my spares for cooking in the oven - breaded chicken, fish, etc. It wipes off easy and sometimes with chocolate chip cookies a very fast wash and away until next time. Won't be without. My guess is I have used the same one for 10+ years. I'm thinking of getting a new one just for the sake of having a fresh one - not at all that my current one is worn out - it still works just fine.