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Quilting Marker - 4-Petals - Large

Quilting designs on the sides of cakes while popular, can be challenging and extremely labour intensive. This quilting marker makes it easy to give your cakes an elegant quilted finish. Simply place the marker at the desired starting point on the cake (be sure that the bottom point is touching on the cake board); gently push the marker in with even pressure, remove the marker, then line the marker up again with the base of the cake board and the first impression made; continue around the cake in the same manner until complete. Once the cake has been quilted you can pipe over the lines and add embellishments to the joints.

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3 stacked petals, each 1½"Dia Size: Large
Product Code: GC3551

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Additional Information
Dimensions: 4½"L × 1½"W
Materials: Tinplate
Care: Hand wash and dry immediately. Do not soak in water. Not dishwasher safe.
Product of China


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