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Santoku Knife & Slicer Set - Ceramic

This must-have set includes a Santoku knife (5½") and a slicer. Ceramic knives offer exceptional strength, unparalleled sharpness, and ultra-light weight. The oriental-style Santoku knife is just right for sushi and sashimi, slicing mushrooms or anything else that needs to be sliced paper thin, mincing ginger, and scoring meat and fish. And, because ceramic doesn't transfer metal ions to foods, fruits and vegetables won't brown where they've come in contact with the knife blade. The razor sharp blade retains its original sharpness for months or years without sharpening. The light weight of ceramic creates a well-balanced knife that is an extension of your hand, gliding effortlessly through even the most difficult tasks. The resin handle provides a highly controlled grip, and the non-stick ceramic blade surface makes for easy clean-up. The adjustable slicer produces perfect slices in 4 different widths (½ mm, 1.3 mm, 2.0 mm and 3.0 mm); an easy-to-use dial on the back of the slicer eliminates the need to switch out blades. The slicer includes hand guard that holds food securely and protects fingers.

SKU# KY1402-parent

Set of 2: Santoku knife and slicer Colour/Pattern: Available in black or red
Product Code: KY1402-parent

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Materials: Ceramic blade
Product of China


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