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Slow Cooker - 6 quart - Dual Lid

by KitchenAid - Architect
This electric slow cooker is perfect for every course, from hearty soups and tender meats to decadent desserts. The removable 6-quart, oval-shaped ceramic vessel is suitable for small and large recipes from soups to roasts. Program the slow cooker for a specific cooking time up to 24 hours in 30-minute increments. After the time ends, the slow cooker automatically goes into keep warm mode for up to four hours. The illuminated digital display ensures easy viewing of the remaining cook time and temperature while in use. The dual sided hinged lid features twisting handles to ensure easy one-handed operation.

SKU# KA0222

Size: 6 qt Colour/Pattern: Cocoa (dark) silver Capacity: 6 quarts/5.7 litres
Product Code: KA0222
Additional Information
Dimensions: 17½"L × 10½"W × 10¾"H
Care: Ceramic vessel is dishwasher safe
Warranty: 1 year

Note: KitchenAid Architect Series Slow Cooker, model KSC6222

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