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Sponge Holder

by OXO - Good Grips
This sponge holder keeps two sponges, pot scrubbers, or steel wool pads at the ready while doing the dishes. The compact holder fits neatly next to your sink, keeping it close at hand. The holder’s open size and ventilation holes allow for maximum aeration, and the convenient pour spout allows for draining soapy water. The four feet elevate the sponge holder to prevent it from sticking to wet surfaces. The durable, stainless steel sponge holder is rust-proof, and comes apart for easy cleaning.

SKU# OX1131

Product Code: OX1131
Additional Information
Dimensions: 4¼"L × 2½"W × 3"H
Materials: Plastic and stainless steel
Care: Dishwasher safe


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