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Stain Treater

This general-purpose stain treater is powerful. Designed for little (or big) mess makers, the stain treater quickly and safely removes food and other less savoury stains from clothing and other fabrics.

SKU# HR2818

4 ounce/120 millilitre spray bottle Size: 4 oz
Product Code: HR2818
Additional Information
100% biodegradable surfactant; ph neutral; safe for colourfast washable fabrics.

Warranty: Always do a colour fast test.
Product of United States

Allergens: This product is free of peroxide, chlorine bleach, and phoshates
Instructions: For best results, treat stain as soon as possible. Remove excess liquid/material and moisten with water. Apply enough of the product to treat affected area. Rinse to remove all residue. Repeat as needed. Launder or clean as usual.

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