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Stand Mixer - 6 qt - Pro 600

by KitchenAid - Professional 600
Equipped with a high-performance, professional-level motor, this multi-function stand mixer does it all -- mixing, whipping, kneading, everything from egg whites up to 14 cups of all-purpose flour per recipe (the mixer is capable of mixing ingredients for up to 8¼ 1-pound loaves of white bread, 13 dozen chocolate chip cookies, or 8 pounds of mashed potatoes). Ten mixing speeds allow you to stir, knead, mix, or whip at the velocity appropriate for the recipe; a soft start feature helps prevent ingredient splash-out and flour-puff by starting the mixer slowly before stepping up to the selected speed. Planetary mixing action eliminates the need to rotate the bowl and ensures quick, thorough mixing; this efficient mixing action spins the beater clockwise and the shaft counterclockwise, moving the beater to 67 different points within the bowl.

SKU# KA6026-parent

Size: 6 qt Colour/Pattern: Available in cobalt blue, gloss cinnamon, copper pearl, green apple, nickel pearl, tangerine orange, dark pewter, pink, empire red, or white Capacity: 6 quarts/5.7 litres
Product Code: KA6026-parent

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Three styles of beaters provide you with the right tool for each job. The specially designed flat beater works with the planetary mixing action to thoroughly mix ingredients in every area of the bowl; the flat beater is ideal for mashing potatoes, mixing cakes, quick breads, and cookie dough. The professional design of the wire whip rapidly increases airflow into egg mixtures for stiff souffles and rigid peaks of meringue; with the planetary mixing action, the wire whip creates silky decorator icings and whips cream as light as air. The burnished powerful spiral dough hook replicates hand-kneading with a forceful punching and rolling action to knead thick, heavy doughs. The 6-quart stainless steel wide bowl with contoured handle accommodates large batches of heavy dough and thick batter. A pouring shield fits around the bowl and prevents ingredients from splashing out; a chute makes it convenient and easy to add ingredients while mixing. The professional bowl-lift design includes muscular metal arms for stable mixing and a comfortable bowl-lift lever which raises heavy ingredients into the mixing position. Durable die-cast metal construction provides the sturdiness required to support the power of the mixer. A multi-purpose attachment hub powers a variety of attachments (sold separately), including food grinders, pasta makers and rollers, graters, and strainers.

Dimensions: 14½"L × 11¼"W × 16½"H
Materials: Die-cast metal unit with a stainless steel bowl
Warranty: 1 year
Product of United States

Note: KitchenAid Professional 600 Mixer, model KP26M1X
Stand Mixer - 6 qt - Pro 600 - Nickel Pearl

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