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Stand Mixer Accessory Pack - with Citrus Juicer

This accessory pack delivers lots of options for your KitchenAid stand mixer. The accessory pack includes: a food grinder, sausage stuffers, tray, and a citrus juicer. Use the food grinder to grind raw or cooked meat, cheese, firm fruits and vegetables, and dry bread; the grinder includes coarse and fine grinding plates for a variety of food sizes. The stuffing tubes work with the food grinder to make small (¾") and large (1") sausage links. The food tray ensures a wide work surface for large quantities of food feeding into the food grinder. The pack also comes with a food pusher/wrench that keeps ingredients moving efficiently into processor. The simple-to-assemble citrus juicer features a built-in strainer to eliminate seeds and pulp; the juicer quickly and easily extracts juice from citrus fruits of all sizes from limes to grapefruit. All the pieces are easy to attach and easy to clean.

SKU# KA5029

Product Code: KA5029
Additional Information
Dimensions: citrus juicer: 8½"L × 6¼"W × 7"H; food grinder: 6¼"L × 3-7/8"W × 7¼"H; sausage stuffers: 2-1/8"Dia × 4"H; food tray: 6-5/8"L × 12¼"W × 1¾"H
Care: Most pieces can be placed in the dishwasher; hand-wash all blade components
Warranty: 1 year
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