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Storage Container - Round - Low - 850 mL

by Emsa - 3D Clip & Close
This storage container provides airtight, leakproof food storage in the refrigerator and freezer. The container features unique soft-touch clips that seal the lid securely — the seal and lid are inseparably fused together so no dirt, or bacteria can be trapped underneath the seal. The secure seal keeps leftovers and other foods fresh and prevents liquids from leaking, even during transport. The container is freezer, microwave, and dishwasher safe, so you can prepare, store and serve in the same container. Store anything from freshly cut fruit and salads to marinades and leftovers; the innovative design keeps flavours and aromas inside the container. Made of BPA-free materials, the container is certified safe for baby food. Light and unbreakable, this container is great for carrying snacks and meals in purses, backpacks, or picnic baskets. The container stacks efficiently to keep the refrigerator and freezer organized. Measurement markings in ounces, cups, and litres make it easy to portion foods.

SKU# EM0322

Size: 850 mL Capacity: 28½ ounces/850 millilitres
Product Code: EM0322

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Additional Information
Dimensions: base: 5½"Dia × 2"D
Materials: Plastic
Care: Dishwasher safe
Warranty: 30 years
Product of Germany

Allergens: BPA free

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