Chocolate Tempering Machine - Revolation 3Z

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30 pounds of chocolate (45 lbs with holey baffle)
Includes 1 bowl, 1 solid baffle, 1 holey baffle, 1 dipping tool, 3 scrapers, 1 baffle brush, set of knobs, 1 cover, and instructions
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United States
110 volts, 1300 watts, and 10 Amps
On Demand
23½"L × 23"W × 8½"H
Stainless steel bowl
Stainless steel bowl, plastic scraper, and knobs are dishwasher safe
1 year parts and labour

This chocolate temperer is built with stainless steel construction and state-of-the-art design and technology. A microprocessor control card ensures tempering and holding chocolate to within 0.2°F. This temperer can melt and temper between 1 and 30 pounds of chocolate per batch (up to 45 pounds when using the included baffle with holes), allowing for the production of about 150 pounds of tempered chocolate per day.

Simple enough for a novice to use, the machine features an advanced software system and display. The bright, user-friendly digital display provides the temperature data and makes monitoring and controlling your chocolate simple. A manual temperature adjustment allows the preset temperatures to be overriden -- up to 130°F during the melt cycle and 100°F in temper mode. This tempering machine also has a bowl pause feature (to temporarily stop the bowl from rotating) and an overnight (standby) mode. The bowl is removable for easy cleaning. The included lid and cover assembly improve the tempering machine's efficiency, help conserve energy, and maintain a sanitary environment. 

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