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Having trouble figuring out how much blue and white you need to mix together to produce -- and reproduce -- the perfect colour? This handy reference chart displays the ratios of different colours of Satin Ice fondant needed to be mixed together to produce almost 100 different colours. The guide also provides a chart showing the average amount of fondant required to cover a wide variety of cake sizes and shapes.

Maximum 6 copies per customer

Satin Ice rolled fondant is smooth and pliable and ready to roll and shape. It covers cakes with a perfectly smooth iced surface and is also easy to shape into beautiful borders, flowers, leaves, and other decorations. The fondant can be rolled out very thin and remains easy to lift and drape over cakes without tearing or breaking. Roll out by hand using a rolling pin or extrude through pasta forming equipment. The fondant may also be used as a modelling paste to create decorative pieces. The colour of the fondant can be altered using paste or gel food colours, or by blending with white or other colours of fondant.

For more colour mixes, see Satin Ice's online Color Mix Guide and themed Color Mix Palettes.

Use the colour chart for reference only. The ink colours shown will not match the actual fondant colours exactly due to the printing process.