Cutting Board Care & Maintenance Kit

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Set of 3: 16 ounce/473 millilitre bottle of mystery (mineral and linseed) oil, 5 ounce/140 gram tube of wood cream, and applicator sponge with cap
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United States
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NSF certified

Proper care and maintenance will keep your wood boards beautiful for a lifetime. The application of Boos Block mystery oil (mineral and linseed oil) and wood cream is recommended at least once a month. A dry appearance is a sure sign it is time to oil your wood surface. As wood surfaces will naturally acclimate to their environment, regular application of Boos Block mystery oil and wood cream will help protect your wood surfaces from changes in humidity due to weather and atmospheric conditions. This kit contains the necessary supplies to maintain your wood cutting boards and chopping blocks:


  • Mystery (mineral and linseed) oil contains all natural, food-safe ingredients. The oil penetrates deep into the grains of the wood to protect and revitalize the wood fibres. Applying a generous amount and letting it sit overnight will help reduce dryness to your wood surface. Wipe off any excess in the morning. Do not over oil your wood products.
  • Wood cream is recommended to be used in conjunction with the mystery oil. The wood cream contains unbleached beeswax and food grade mineral oil. The higher wax content provides a long lasting moisture barrier that is perfect for periods of storage or light use.
  • The applicator provides a fast, professional, and easy way to apply the mystery oil and wood cream to your cutting boards, butcher blocks, wooden bowls, and utensils. The solid hardwood handle provides a perfect grip for ease of control. The special silver ion treated anti-bacterial sponge prevents bacteria growth within the sponge and on wood surfaces. Applies smoothly, evenly and consistently with no waste or mess of oils or creams. Includes a cap for easy storage and protection.