Edible Decorating Paper - White - 3 pcs

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Pack of 3 sheets, each 11"L × 8"W
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Remove the edible decorating paper from the resealable package. To protect the product, the package fits tightly around the sheet. To remove the sheet from the package, lift only the sheet and its backing material out, leaving the paper board insert
Instructions 1:
in place. Gently fold the sides of the package to help ease the sheet out of the package without damaging it. Peel off the portion of edible decorating paper needed from the backing. Return the remaining portion to the package and seal to prevent dry
Instructions 2:
ing. Cut or punch designs. Place the shiny side down on a freshly iced surface. The edible decorating paper needs moisture to blend into icing or fondant. If icing is dry, spray a light mist of water on the cake or brush the back of the decorating pa
Instructions 3:
per with clear piping gel. Store unused portions of decorating paper in the resealable package in a cool, dry place. For best appearance, do not store multiple colours or patterns together in the same package. Do not store under heavy objects. Do not
Instructions 4:
refrigerate. To prevent breakage, avoid folding. If the decorating paper cracks, brush a little water on the shiny side of the sheet, using light to medium pressure and a broad tipped, angled brush. Do not over-saturate; let the decorating paper sit
Instructions 5:
for 10 - 20 minutes before cutting or punching. Apply cut or punched pieces to cakes immediately, or cover with plastic wrap until needed. If pieces begin to curl, place on a flat surface and gently smooth with your finger before applying to cake.

Add dramatic detail to your cake with this flexible sugar sheet. Even if you've never decorated a cake before this innovative product lets you quickly and easily create edible decorations to adorn your cake. Simply peel away the backing from the sugar sheet, cut or punch out shapes, then place the shapes on your cake to create fun borders or eye-catching detailing. The flexible sheets can be shaped into bows or fans, or curved and cut to form stand-up flower shapes, or punched to create layered shapes. The decorating paper is ideal for "off-cake" decorating: build the decorations and perfect the look you want, adjust the positioning of different elements, and then place the decorations on the cake. You can also add details or messages to the sugar sheet with food colour markers, icing, and gels; and the sheet is compatible with edible ink printers, so it is perfect for personalized designs. The edible sugar sheet has a light, sweet flavour and can be used on buttercream or fondant-covered cakes.