Grater - Coarse - Rasp

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This rasp-style grater combines razor-sharp etched blades with a grooved pattern to allow cooks to grate larger quantities of food with less effort. The coarse grater grates chocolate and shreds coconut for baking and decorating, grates soft cheeses and vegetables, raw horseradish, hard-boiled eggs, and chilled butter for pastry. The handle has a secure non-slip grip and a non-slip end for resting on the countertop while grating. A protective cover collects the grated food and doubles as a measuring device.

Unlike conventional graters in which the cutting edges are formed by punching holes through stainless steel or tin, this grater's tiny razor-like edges are created with a photo-etching process in which holes are dissolved with a chemical, leaving edges that finely shave or slice the food instead of tearing or shredding. A repeated groove pattern is spread evenly across the face of the grating surface, reducing resistance and thereby making grating effortless and lengthening each individual blade, so each blade has a greater cutting surface that comes in contact with food, thereby producing more gratings per stroke. Combined, these features provide outstanding grating performance.

Tip colour may not be as shown in photo