Immersion Blender Set - 200 W

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Immersion blender and stand available in white
Set of 9: immersion blender, stand, 4 blades (multi-purpose, whisk, beater, and meat mincer), processor attachment, polycarbonate jug (1 L) with lid and polycarbonate beaker (400 mL) with lid
shaft: 5¾"L; overall: 14"L
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1 year

This immersion blender set makes it easy to blend soups in the saucepan in an instant, make mayonnaise in less than 20 seconds, turn peanuts into peanut butter, and so much more. The Classic blender reaches right into pots, bowls, and pitchers to purée soup, mix crêpe batter, and stir up lemonade in seconds. The versatile, compact 2-speed immersion blender delivers speeds between 9,000 and 12,000 RPM depending on the speed selected; use the low speed for light, airy dishes, and small amounts, or use the high speed for all viscous, firm ingredients and large amounts. The soft-grip handle offers a comfortable hold and more control while blending. The blender stand features an ultra-modern design and offers separate compartments for conveniently storing attachments. Use the immersion blender directly in your own bowls or pots or use the handy jug included with the set.

The polycarbonate jug is shatter-proof, shockproof and heat-resistant, and microwave- and dishwasher- safe; the jug features measurement markings in fluid ounces and millilitres. This set also comes with a smaller beaker that is ideal for preparing a single serving; both beakers come with lids. The blender blades included in the set cover a wide variety of food preparation tasks: use the multi-purpose blade to mince, chop, and purée raw and cooked vegetables, fresh fruit, cooked meat, and frozen fruit for ice cream and sorbets; the whisk blade stirs and creams pancakes, omelettes and batter mixtures, purées potatoes in no time at all, makes puddings creamy, emulsifies salad dressings – and even cosmetic creams; the beater blade can be used for preparing everything that should be light and fluffy – egg whites, creams, soufflés, frappés, and more; and use the meat-mincer blade to chop and mince small quantities of raw and cooked meat, and raw or cooked fish; the meat-mincer blade is also suitable for chopping vegetables with coarse fibres. The grinding mill processor grinds all kinds of dry and wet food, such as dried vegetables, hard cheese, chocolate, sugar into icing sugar, spices like cinnamon, vanilla and nutmeg, plus coffee, dried bread for breadcrumbs, dried fish, dried mushrooms, all kinds of nuts, peanuts to peanut butter, grains and seeds. All parts that come into contact with food are made of top-quality rust-free materials, are odourless, tasteless and food-safe.