Royal Icing and Piping (PME)

Royal icing and piping skills are often considered to be the traditional skills of cake decorating. With the increasing popularity and enthusiasm for rolled fondant, it is easy to assume that piping skills may no longer be important, but for the professional cake designer, they are a vital element that should be underestimated. For most cake decorators, piping skills are probably one of the most difficult to achieve and, unlike other decorative media, these techniques may require practicing and perfecting over a period of time. In this class, you’ll learn both basic and advanced piping techniques, including Australian stringwork.

Course topics include:

  • Basic and advanced piping techniques
  • Simple piped flowers
  • Brush embroidery ideas
  • Inscriptions, lettering, and numbers
  • Runout and colour flow techniques and borders
  • Collars and extension borders
  • Piped lace techniques
  • Cake balance and multi-tiered cakes
  • Cake assembly, transportation, and presentation
  • Portion sizing
  • Duration: 5 classes, 5 hours/class
  • Registration: $340.00
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Prerequisite: Flowers and Cake Design or piping skills
  • Materials List (these items are required for the first class; you will be advised in-class of the materials needed for subsequent classes)