Sharpening & Honing Steel - Diamond/Ceramic

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This knife sharpener is designed as an easy way to always have sharp kitchen knives. The sharpener has an ergonomic handle and two sharpening rods -- a diamond rod and a ceramic rod. 

The diamond sharpening rod sharpens your knives' edges -- even today’s hardest blade steels. The tapered shape allows for sharpening straight and curved edges. The 320 grit diamond rod is gentle on knives, and is not intended for shaping or repairing damaged edges.

The ceramic honing rod incorporates a fine side for honing sharpened knives to a razor-sharp finish, and a coarse side to quickly touch up knives between sharpening -- delivering a fresh cutting edge before each meal, in only a minute or two.

The handle features 17° sharpening/honing guides to eliminate guesswork. Precision angle sharpening guides ensure that you get the proper angle every time. Combining the precision of Eastern knives with the durability of Western knives, the 17° angle guides are leather lined to pamper your knives as the edges are brought to a razor-sharp finish. By setting a consistent sharpening angle, you'll achieve a sharp edge quickly and your knife will be sharp along the entire length of the blade. 

The handle also features a MicroForge slot. MicroForge is a process of forging microscopic facets along the cutting edge of a knife. As a knife begins to dull from use, the recessed micro facets along the blade remain sharp by avoiding contact with the cutting surface. A MicroForge edge retains its cutting ability longer, extending the intervals between sharpening. A MicroForge edge also provides greater cutting control. As the micro facets cut the outer skin of foods, the straight cutting edge guides the knife through the soft inner. Using a MicroForge edge requires less pressure to slice through your ingredients, giving you more control over each cut. A MicroForge knife will not slip away from you when slicing through tough skins and crusts, and provides a clean cut through the softest fruits and vegetables.