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Cookie Stamp Set - Sky

Ceramic cookie stamps are the traditional method of imprinting cookies with a thematic design. Includes a cookie recipe.

SKU# JB2401

Set of 3: sun, moon, and star
Product Code: JB2401
Additional Information
Dimensions: 2¼"Dia
Materials: Ceramic
Care: Wash in hot water with a toothbrush; air dry
Product of Canada

Instructions: Before using, season cookie stamps by brushing with vegetable oil. Dust with flour to minimize sticking. Roll cookie dough into walnut-sized balls. Stamp and flatten to desired thickness with the cookie stamp. To make cookie designs more distinct, avoid recipes with baking powder or baking soda (which will cause cookies to rise). If desired, tint the dough with food colouring prior to stamping. Or, to highlight the design, immediately after cookies are removed from the oven, brush the surface of the design with lightly beaten egg white tinted with food colouring.

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