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Lustre Dust - Soft Gold

This hybrid lustre dust gives a high-sheen metallic colour finish when dry-brushed on gum paste, fondant, or royal icing creations after they have set, or it can be mixed with a small amount of water, clear alcohol (e.g., vodka), or oil-based liquids for painting, highlighting, or airbrushing. The lustre dust may also be mixed into clear piping gel to give it a sheen or may be used in sugar work. The dust may also be used as a food colouring to colour icing, fondant, gum paste, cookie dough, or other food items (although the lustre effect will be lost).

SKU# RR2x45-parent

Available in 2.5 gram and 25 g containers Colour/Pattern: Soft ("yellow") gold
Product Code: RR2x45-parent

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Product of Canada

Note: The colour swatch shown (applied as a paint) is as provided by the manufacturer. Every effort has been made to accurately reproduce the colour of the powder colour. However, the colour may vary due to reproduction limitations and your monitor's colour settings.
Food grade colour coating on Platinum FDA mica-based pearlescent pigment
Allergens: Contains no iron oxide, no chromium oxide, no carmine (cochineal extract), and no colour filler that creates interference with mica particles.
Certification: Health Canada, US FDA, and European Community approved for food use
Instructions: For use in an airbrush, prepare a base mix consisting of 20% sugar and 80% water; stir to dissolve and store. Add lustre dust to base mix and stir to dissolve the dust; warm the mix to help dissolve, if necessary. To prepare an edible lustre paint, combine 1 part gum Arabic with 2 parts hot water; stir and let dissolve for at least one hour. Add lustre dust as needed.

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