Vanilla Beans - Madagascar Bourbon

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2 beans/vial
Vanilla beans
Gluten-free (Gluten-Free Certification Organization), allergen-free, GMO-free
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United States
Kosher pareve (Chicago Rabbinical Council)
To scrape a vanilla bean, start from the center, cutting a slit with the tip of a sharp knife. Spread the bean apart to expose the seeds and scrape with the dull side of the knife. Scrape the sticky seeds off the side of the knife. Repeat with the ot
Instructions 1:
her side of the bean. Delicious vanilla flavour is found in both the bean and the seeds, so try to use both. As long as the bean still possesses its characteristic aroma and is moist and pliable, you can rinse, dry and use it again.
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Gluten-free, Allergen-free, GMO-free, Kosher pareve

Whole vanilla beans are excellent for dishes where the characteristic flecks of the natural bean will enhance the presentation of a dish. The vanilla bean adds a gourmet touch to desserts such as crème brulee, ice creams and cakes. You can cut up a vanilla bean and use it to infuse the rich flavour into a sweet or savoury sauce or marinade; discard the bean prior to serving. There is flavour throughout the whole vanilla bean. To use one, you can slice it horizontally down the middle of the bean, open up the pod and scrape the inside to get the vanilla seeds or specks out, or use the whole bean itself or cut it up. The vanilla bean can be reused for more than one application.

One vanilla bean is equivalent to approximately one tablespoon of vanilla extract. Store in a tightly sealed container away from direct sunlight and at room temperature. Stored under such conditions, vanilla beans should keep up to two years. Do not refrigerate.