Water Bath Canner & Multi-Cooker - Electric - 21 qt

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21 qt
pot: 21 quarts/19.8 litres; holds seven 1-litre or eight 500-mL jars; maximum jar height of 8½"
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Free up your stove top space; replace your old stove top canning water bath with an electric water bath canner you can move anywhere you have an electrical outlet. Don't worry about the water weight or heating time on your glass top stove; at the end of the canning process there is always gallons of boiling water to carry to the sink -- not any more, with this water bath canner/multi cooker. The spout on the side of the unit allows you to drain right into the sink or empty the water into a smaller bowl. The unit is energy efficient and uses 20% less energy than traditional stovetop canners. The versatile unit can also be used for steaming and to prepare pasta, soups, and hot beverages. The nesting design of the unit ensures ease of cleaning and storage efficiency. The unit comes with a spiral-bound recipe book that takes you from canning to fresh chicken noodle soup.

Holds 8 pint/7 quart jars. The unit is ideal for preparing high-acid foods (tomatoes, jams, jellies, juices, fruit spreads, chutney, pickles, and relishes); it is not suitable for low-acid foods (meats and seafood).

1 Review Write a Review

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    Freshtech electric canner

    Linda Jabusch on 26th Jun 2019

    Although I used it only once so far I was very impressed with how well this worked for me. It took far less time to bring to a boil than a stove top canner. I don't know if quart size jars are different heights from different manufacturers - but be sure to choose the shorter of them. There is no height room to spare. The only minor negative is the flimsy jar rack...at odds with a well built appliance.